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The Discworld and Ankh-Morpork Negotiators

Take it to the board

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Guild of Discworld and Ankh-Morpork Negotiators. In our noble, if young, Guild, discussion over the Discworld novels, sharing fanfiction and fanart, rants about Discworld characters, plots and books can be found.

There are rules, of course, that must be followed to ensure the overall happiness of our members. These rules will be reinforced by the mods; me, slytherin_dream and malfoypatriarch, the Scary!Mod. I am merely Lurker!Mod.

The Badly Written Rules of Doom

1. Do not abuse this list. Boom boom.

2. By this, I mean - no spamming (one line posts), no bitching about other members, no whinging and flame wars will take place in this community. Because I will kill you.

3. malfoypatriarch "You can call anyone you want a twit, but then the other person has the right to nail you to the wall." Isn't she lovely?

4. Fanart and fanfiction MUST have appropriate ratings. All ages are welcome here, and that must be respected.

5. All fanart and fanfiction MUST behind lj cuts. Flists are only fun when they are not stuffed full of huge posts. If you don't know how to do this, then go and find it in the FAQ section. Yes, I am also Lazy!Mod. ^^

6. Respect and follow the rules of netiquette. That means, no posts rIt3N liK DiS because, quite frankly, I'll just have to eat your head. I cannot stand netspeak. It hurts mine eyes, and the eyes of many others. Do be considerate of other memembers.

7. No racial abuse, or abuse of any kind. Don't kick the little doggie.

8. The manic street preachers are d.e.p.r.e.s.s.i.n.g. Don't argue with me on this.

9. Any questions can be sent to alysun@btopenworld.com and I will reply.

10. If you write a fic with Death in it, remember that he JUST SPEAKS LIKE THIS, not "LIKE THIS". This is here because I wanted ten rules. I am a victim of peer pressure and a narrow minded society.


Other than that, have fun! Post fics, ideas, art, plot bunnies, theories, related links, anything!