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New Discworld RP!

I don't know how many of these there are out there already, but I figured this was the best place, if anywhere, to post an advertisement for a new RP. If it's spam, please feel free to delete this post. =]
I'll post the main plot we have written out (subconsciously, it ended up as nearly a total reversal of The Wintersmith, so I apologise in advance! =P) and the link to the RP website (it's on Please sign up if you're interested! It should be fun and we don't want this RP to die within two weeks of creating it.

Many thanks!

In every story ever told, there is one central theme; good versus evil. What nobody ever told you, though, is that the "villains" aren't always evil, and the "heroes", sometimes no better than the villains.

There is a universe that rides on the back of four elephants, balanced on the back of a giant turtle that wanders space and time.
In this world, Assassins, Spies and Thieves live happily alongside their Victims, and those we SHOULD trust, the Politicians, are thrown straight into prison as soon as they are elected. Death - or, rather, the anthropomorphic embodiment of Death - is an omnipotent presence, a feature of everyday life, and not just a story made up to scare people.

Why, you may ask?

Because this is no ordinary World. This is Discworld.

Discworld is in trouble.
Well, it is always in trouble, but this time it's serious.
More serious than before.

Winter is coming, and with that, comes Hogswatchnight. Unfortunately, the Summer Lady is reluctant to give up her reign for another year, and the people of Discworld feel the same. The problem is that, without Winter, the balance of Discworld will be thrown into turmoil. The crops will refuse to grow, the people of Djelibeybi will bake to death and the children will never go back to school!

Oh, what worries, what woes.

Can Discworld be saved?
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