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The stories of Discworld

Hey, I've read all the novels of Discworld up to Monstrous Regiment (don't know if there are any more after that yet). I was wondering if anyone knows what the titles of all the stories of Discworld are? I've only read The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents so far, but I didn't know if there happen to be any others.

I think the difference between the novels and the stories (or story, maybe) is the lack of usual primary and/or secondary characters, though both are set in Discworld.
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Thanks, I have a feeling those books will help me get through the summer, as long as the library has them. Or I get a job. Hmm.
I've only read The Wee Free Men out of the YA stories, but it's definitely different from the rest of the Disc books in style.
yeah, but that's cos they're aimed at a younger audience of younger readers
I want to weigh in on TWFM and HFOS - true, different style, but still excellent stories in their own right. Less snarky, I thought. I'm 30 and I enjoyed them in any case, even without the typical Discworld style.
"The Last Hero" Perhaps? I know that was set in the Discworld with all our favourite Watch, Wizard, God and Barbarian characters, but unlike the novels it was presented as a picture-book. (But a stunningly detailed one at that!)
There's also the Theatre of Cruelty, and Troll Bridge, both short stories, but a little hard to find. Oh, and in the 'Legends' Anthology (of about 11 fantasy writers) there's the brilliant one 'The Sea and Little Fishes' about Granny Weatherwax being nice...
ummmm...hello, just dropped in to help out, if a little late. "Troll Bridge" is in the collection of short stories "After The King" which is a tribute to JRR Tolkien, which may be a bit of a bugger to find. I suggest trying for cheap books. "Theatre of Cruelty" can be found here: because, while Pratchett refuses to let the thing be re-printed, he fully supports it being posted on the net.