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The Discworld and Ankh-Morpork Negotiators [entries|friends|calendar]
The Discworld and Ankh-Morpork Negotiators

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[22 Jan 2009|12:33pm]

bbc iplayer is currently running a series of discorld stories. Theyve done mort and wyrd sisters. They start guards guards tonight :D
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New Discworld RP! [31 Oct 2007|03:15pm]
I don't know how many of these there are out there already, but I figured this was the best place, if anywhere, to post an advertisement for a new RP. If it's spam, please feel free to delete this post. =]
I'll post the main plot we have written out (subconsciously, it ended up as nearly a total reversal of The Wintersmith, so I apologise in advance! =P) and the link to the RP website (it's on invisionfree.com). Please sign up if you're interested! It should be fun and we don't want this RP to die within two weeks of creating it.

Many thanks!

In every story ever told, there is one central theme; good versus evil. What nobody ever told you, though, is that the "villains" aren't always evil, and the "heroes", sometimes no better than the villains.

There is a universe that rides on the back of four elephants, balanced on the back of a giant turtle that wanders space and time.
In this world, Assassins, Spies and Thieves live happily alongside their Victims, and those we SHOULD trust, the Politicians, are thrown straight into prison as soon as they are elected. Death - or, rather, the anthropomorphic embodiment of Death - is an omnipotent presence, a feature of everyday life, and not just a story made up to scare people.

Why, you may ask?

Because this is no ordinary World. This is Discworld.

Discworld is in trouble.
Well, it is always in trouble, but this time it's serious.
More serious than before.

Winter is coming, and with that, comes Hogswatchnight. Unfortunately, the Summer Lady is reluctant to give up her reign for another year, and the people of Discworld feel the same. The problem is that, without Winter, the balance of Discworld will be thrown into turmoil. The crops will refuse to grow, the people of Djelibeybi will bake to death and the children will never go back to school!

Oh, what worries, what woes.

Can Discworld be saved?

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I know it exists..... [11 Aug 2006|12:31am]

I was having a conversation with someone and the topic turned to the nature of eternity and the infinite. Now I know there is a quote along those lines said by death and involving the colour duck egg blue.(possibly in mort?) For the life of me I cant rember it and it is driving me up the wall !! Does anyone know the quote I mean and if you do could you please tell me so I can stop banging my head against the wall as my neighbours are starting to complain about the noise. Thx :)
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A new community - if against the rules, please delete [15 Nov 2005|10:22pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello all. As fans of Terry Pratchett, I'm sure most of you are aware that there are awesome women in fiction. There's a new community backward_heels that is for the appreciation of female characters in all forms of fiction.

We hope to see homages to women in movies, television, comics, books... anything fictional that captures your interest. All forms of homage/appreciation are welcome, from essays to fanfic to art, and we hope people will find a lot to enjoy there, eventually. We'll also be holding challenges on themes, in the future, including a contest for the best essay that explains our purpose (for the user info, because, hey, that sounded like fun). Right now, it's a bit sparse, but we've got high hopes!

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A Newbie's Fic [28 Jul 2005|02:49pm]


Hello! I wanted to join this community with something to show for it. Here is my fanfic, and it would greatly please me if you would be so kind as to comment on it. Thank you. :)

The Lady Sybil Ramkin (Discworld, G, implied V/V if you squint really hardCollapse )

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New Discworld RPG. [19 Nov 2004|06:55am]

Er...I read in the rules and it didn't say anything against this, so I'm gonna go ahead and just mention something really quickly. Feel free to delete it if you deem it to be spam.

I'm here on behalf of disco_tech, who is starting a Discworld RPG called discoworld, which has to do with Discworld night life. She is currently looking for players. The list of available players is here. It also has instructions for how to apply and all that.

Please give the link a look and see if you're interested. Or feel free to spread the word to others who might be interested. If you have any questions, e-mail discoworld [at] gmail.com. Or you can ask me and I'll ask her, but that might take longer.

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L-Space. [30 Oct 2004|12:50pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone would care to give a simple, plain english explanation of L-Space?

And exactly how Ponder Stibbons, as a reader of Invisible Writings, would go about trying to figure out what a future book would discuss?


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and another discworld/DCU snippet.. [11 Oct 2004|08:14pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

This time, we have Andre.

Never do a favour you know nothing about.

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Discworld/DCU snippet [05 Oct 2004|12:57am]

[ mood | tired ]

derryderrydown is evil. She knows this. Sometime ago she encouraged me in the belief that DCU/Discworld crossovers could spawn bunnies. :deep breath: For this, all you need to know so far is that Bruce Wayne is Captain of the Cable Street Particulars. Sergeant Dick Grayson works quite a bit in the theatre due to his background in it.

Scene : The Bucket

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Brief Intro for the New Girl [15 Aug 2004|05:35pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hello, I'm new so I feel I ought to make my presence known. Been reading Discworld since 1992, count Pratchett as among my favorite authors, etc. and so on. My favorite story arc is the witches' arc. I'm especially fond of Granny Weatherwax. I'm also fond of Granny Aching, who is kind of a witch (see The Wee Free Men and Hat Full of Sky). I've read every Discworld novel/story/companion/map/cookbook and I'm in the process of purchasing the paperbacks.

Er, I think that's all. For now.

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roleplay~ [29 Jun 2004|10:44am]

[ mood | excited ]

I don't know if you guys allow plugs, but here's hoping, right?

There's a sad lack of Discworld RPs out there, at least, I haven't been able to find very many. How can this be remedied? Well, we (that is, litsares and I) have decided to start our own. It's a message board-type roleplay, intended to be in third person (e.g., "The Librarian rose from his seat and made his way to the..."), and we have high hopes for it. The only problem is that we need members. We're looking for people with a basic knowledge of the Discworld, and a decent grasp on the English language.

The RP is at http://discrpg.proboards33.com/index.cgi if you're interested. Just go take a look. There's not much there at the moment, which means that members can help out with deciding on a plot, setting, etc.

Any takers?

[x-posted in discworld]

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The stories of Discworld [09 Jun 2004|04:43pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, I've read all the novels of Discworld up to Monstrous Regiment (don't know if there are any more after that yet). I was wondering if anyone knows what the titles of all the stories of Discworld are? I've only read The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents so far, but I didn't know if there happen to be any others.

I think the difference between the novels and the stories (or story, maybe) is the lack of usual primary and/or secondary characters, though both are set in Discworld.

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Hey everyone... [09 Jun 2004|09:28am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi there, new member so I thought I'd say "hey" to everybody!
I'm a massive Discworld fan - anything by Terry Pratchett to be honest! My fave character is Sam Vimes and my fave book is Night Watch. I've also just bought the Wee Free Men which isn't strictly a Discworld novel in the conventional sense but still looks quite good... anybody got any comments/reviews of it?
Um... that's all at the moment. Like I said, I was just saying hello!

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i have an idea [28 May 2004|03:17pm]

[ mood | idealisitic ]

ok so this is a of huge diskworld fans so why don't we write a short story and have each chapter as a different post

this way everyone can post a different line into the story and then if and when we finish writing the story, i'll compile the completed story and upload it on to one of the diskworld fan fiction sites

therefore if you like my idea then post a reply suggesting where we should set the story and a character that will hopefully feature in the story

bear in mind that this story can be set anywhere in the diskworld, including the dungeon dimensions and Death's domain as well as Zimmerman's valley

also we can have any characters we want, if they are dead then their spirt can put in an appearance or be a lead character, and in this instance i'm thinking of Mister Teatime.

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Introduction and Teatime Question [12 May 2004|11:57am]

I am new to the guild and am just giving a brief introduction.

I have been reading the Discworld series for a couple of months now and have read 13 novels thus far. I love both Terry Pratchett’s style of writing and the complexity of his characters.

I utterly adore Mister Teatime (the assassin from Hogfather) and have a couple of obsessive (and probably unanswerable) questions about him. Does anyone know what colour his hair and eye is and which eye, left or right, is the glass one? I’d hate to draw him and make a mistake and am even contemplating writing to Terry Pratchett as a last resort.
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Hedgehogs [10 May 2004|09:21am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Can anyone give me the full, complete, and otherwise intact lyrics for the Hedgehog song, by Gytha Ogg, Witch? I only know a few of the lyrics....


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Help! [07 May 2004|08:48am]

I am doing an Author Study in my British Literature class, and I chose, hmmm, I wonder? Terry Pratchett. Can anyone give me any really good sites for biographical information? I'm only on this computer for half an hour today, and that's it for the week. I would appreciate it greatly....
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top 3 coolest diskworld figures? [29 Apr 2004|06:10pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

1 - sam vimes senior
2 - death
3 - rincewind

how can you not love this trilogy of figures who seam to be cause and solution to the problem, no matter what that problem is

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Reminder to all One Man, One Vote Party members: [26 Apr 2004|04:04pm]

[ mood | campaign-managing ]

Fandom Escapist Elections are open. Our candidate's in the third or fourth (or maybe even fifth) poll down, and listed by his first name.
And he's falling behind something drastic, so GO VOTE ALREADY! From whatever LJ accounts you may have, even...

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hola [24 Apr 2004|02:53pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

ok so I'm an avid fan of the diskworld and own various properties in both Ankh-Morpork and XXXX

and if there's the vote Vetinari 2004- "One Man, One Vote" Campaign then he's already won

ps. i've lost Sam Vimes' address does anyone happen to have it

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